Fintry House Upgrades Scheme

Our team have been undertaking a number of repairs on properties in Fintry, Dundee.

The Fintry houses were built around Circa 1950’s / 1960’s and they were built at the end of the war to solve a rising housing shortage across Dundee. As such the properties are now at an age where they need some repairs to be carried out.

The roofs were installed around 60 years ago, which means they are now at the end of their life. As such a number of property owners across Fintry are replacing their roofs with a New Roof

Property owners should also consider replacing the following

  • The Windows (if the old single glazing)
  • The Harling / Render

On the external of the property, this will not only protect your property for the future, but will ensure that there is no further damage done. A number of properties across the Fintry area we have seen extensive water ingress into the roof space, which if left untreated will result in damage to the trusses.

With the rise in energy costs there has never been a better time to try and remove any leaks, draughts or improve thermal properties of your property.

New Windows & Doors fintry roof replacement scheme

Slide to see an Example of a Fintry House

You can slide the example above across to see before and after photos of a property we completed in Fintry, Dundee. If you would like to go and see this property you can go to 3 Finella Terrace, DD4 9PX – We have had permission from the home owner for people to go and view the external of the property.