No harm to people, property or the environment

Our HSEQ Commitment

Our company has the following commitments to our customers.

Health and safety: Our Number One Priority making sure everyone goes home safely, You can reassured that every job is properly risk assessed and carried out safely.

Quality management:  We are committed to quality and to ensure that we manage change within our organisation correctly. We ensure that all work is carried out to a high standard.

Environmental policy: We are committed to protecting the environment from any harm. We will always recycle where possible, ensure to reduce waste and look after the planet.

Community: We will always ensure we will support and develop the community where possible, ensuring that we train the locals and give back where possible.

Safety is engrained in everything we do, no one should come to their work and not go home safe.

Ensuring the safety of all our customers, members of the public, subcontractors and employees is our responsibility. We promote a caring and safe culture where no one will be blamed if they witness anything unsafe. Everyone has the authority to stop a job if they feel it’s unsafe. Everyone will go home safe.

Jamie Shankland – Managing Director

Whatever priorities we have each day, taking care of each other, supporting each other and protecting each other is central to how we do things.

We believe that HSE is a team effort and by working together as a team, it’s not just our responsibility, it’s the responsibility of everyone in our organisation.